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Clean, affordable, money saving options for your home or business.

Unlike most solar companies, Quasar Solar is based in New Mexico. New Mexico has some of the best solar irradiance in the U.S. At Quasar Solar we specialize in customized solar systems for commercial and residential properties. We provide an impressive, full-service resource to complete your solar project. We attribute our success to hard work, integrity and excellent customer service.



Reduce your utility bills and increase your homes value! This is a really smart time to go solar. There are historic financial incentives including a 30% federal tax credit. Your investment will actually MAKE money for you and your family for years to come.


Dependable solar that scales with your business. Say good-bye to rising utility rates. Soaring utility prices and year-round sun make solar panels the cheaper, smarter choice for a lower electricity bill. You can depend on our American made modules with 25 year manufacturers efficiency guarantee.

Off Grid

Today's battery technology can end blackouts and reduce power costs. The flooded lead acid batteries that required constant maintenance are things of the past. Recent advancements in battery technology, paired with smart control programs, have made batteries safe, reliable and affordable for everyone considering solar.

Why Wait?

Why continue paying more for dirty power when you can save thousands with clean solar energy?